Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Moving In

New house! Scary, and fun! We moved into our new place on March 12, and I'm as homesick as they come! It is getting better, but I miss everything and everyone familiar. My family seems so far away. But yet, they still aren't. We've had several things the landlord has had to fix in the house, and I think that has made it a much worse experience for me. But, gradually, things are getting better and getting fixed. Hopefully, the next 12 months will go smoothly (and quickly!).

The place is cute. Charming even. I just miss home. It's not home. At least not yet. We are working on it though. It's pretty large for our starter place, and the bedrooms are HUGE! I love that. Storage space is an issue, but it's not as bad as we had first thought. Come visit!

London's room will hopefully be setup in the next few days! Little one will be here in just a little over 7 weeks!!!! It's so hard to believe! I can't wait to hold our baby girl. :-) She is already so loved! We had a baby shower with my family, my friends and Andy's friends on March 7. We had a baby shower with Andy's family on March 21. We were spoiled by both!!! It feels so wonderful to be loved so much. And to know that London is going to be surrounded by such great people!

Andy and I celebrated our eight year anniversary on March 21 too. Wow! It's amazing to look back at our years together, and then to look at the past year and see what changes have come. This past year has been the most changes, I think for both of us. And this next year is going to be just as crazy. But I certainly welcome the changes. They are all good, and will hopefully continue to be.