Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Binky Bandit!!

My daughter is a bully! Yup, you read that correctly, a bully. Just ask her babysitter. She'll surely tell you.

Incident one. There's a little girl named Hailey that is about two months younger than London who also goes to the same babysitter. Hailey wears a bib most of the time, and at one point the babysitter looks over and London has Hailey by the bib and is just shaking away!! My kid is 8 months old and she's already had time out. ha ha Well, not really, but they were separated for a little bit. :-)

Incident two. The Binky Bandit. Same babies involved here. London v/s Hailey. Hailey is a binky baby, London isn't. Well, London is evidently jealous. Hailey has her binky attached to her clothing by a strap, and little London thinks it's a leash! She's always grabbing for it! So, she has been dubbed the Binky Bandit. lol Poor Hailey!!

In other news, I am planning a first birthday party! Yes, you read that right too. My little baby girl will be one year old in 3 1/2 months!! Well, less than that now! Where did my year go?!?! I have enjoyed every minute of it, but wow! I can't believe that I will be soon saying goodbye to her infant years. Time sure does fly. I know there are many other mommy friends of mine that are facing the same thing. I am however, looking forward to the next stage of her young life and so very thankful that I get to spend that time with her.