Tuesday, October 26, 2010

30 Days-Day 23

Something you crave for a lot.

Chai Tea! Thai Food!

30 Days-Day 22

What makes you different than everyone else?

Everything. I am me and no one else. While I am similar to people in many ways, I am one person that can't be duplicated. Unless you count my little clone, London. ha ha I can't really describe how I am different, I just am.

30 Days-Day 21

Two of my favorite things, Fall, and the Blue Ridge Parkway. I love this time of year, and I love traveling on the BRP and taking pictures.
A picture of something that makes you happy.

30 Days-Day 20

Someone you see yourself marrying/being with in the future.

Definitely Andy! And that's a good thing, because I'm marrying him next year and he's London's daddy! lol Seriously, I want to be with him for the rest of my life. We have had our ups and downs, but the numerous good times absolutely out-weigh the bad! I <3 him!

30 Days-Day 19

Nicknames you have and why you have them.

Really I only have Nesa now. It's a product of my name, just shortened. It came to be because a lot of people can't pronounce my first name, so I made it easier for them!

30 Days-Day 18

Plan, dreams, goals you have.

In the immediate future, I plan to get married. Next year! I'm so excited! I also dream to watch my baby girl grow healthy and happy. My goal is to live a long time and see her children one day. :-) I also want to get out of debt, completely. Own my own home, which I design. Have at least one more child (i think...lol). I want to open my own photography studio, and be solely a photographer. I would love to move to Tennessee.

30 Days-Day 17

Someone you would want to switch lives with for one day, and why.

Hmmm...that's a tough one! I love my life. It's not always perfect, but I love it. If I had to switch with someone, it would be Martina McBride...lol. That's random. I really have no idea who. But she has a beautiful house, and money! I could pay off all my bills in one day and be debt free forever! ha ha

30 Days-Day 16

Another picture of yourself.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

30 Days - Day 15

Put your iPod on shuffle: First 10 songs that play

If I Said You Had a Beautiful Body (Would You Hold It Against Me) - Bellamy Brothers
Mr. Policeman - Brad Paisley
It's Not Just Me - Rascal Flatts
Loved Too Much - Ty Herndon
Anything But Mine - Kenny Chesney
Money Honey - State of Shock
Tim McGraw - Taylor Swift
Wishing - Sugarland
Touch My Body - Mariah Carey
That's How Your Know It's Love - Deana Carter

30 Days-Day 13

A letter to someone that has hurt you recently.

Dear "friend",

I am sorry that we had to go our separate ways. You see, I just couldn't take care of myself and my unborn baby along with you, your boyfriend, and all four +one incoming children that you have. I'm sorry that you felt I was supposed to buy your kids their school supplies because you didn't want to get off your lazy butt and work. I'm sorry that I helped you move out of the house you were living in, and away from your abusive boyfriend (the same one that pushed you down the stairs and caused a miscarriage) only for you to return to him the next week. I'm sorry that I didn't have sympathy when you called me the following weekend to complain that he had hit you again. I do hope that you have straightened your life out and realized that it's not about you, but the children you are trying to raise. I really hope that the rumor I heard about your 15 year old being pregnant is not true. I do feel that she might have avoided that if you had taught her about waiting to have sex, or at least using protection, rather than teach her that having sex with whatever guy walked through the door was OK. I am glad that you will not be around my daughter, to influence her in anyway. I hope nothing but the best for you, and hope that you are doing well. I have been watching you do this for over 10 years, so I think you probably haven't changed at all.

Your ex-friend, Waynesa

30 Days-Day 14

A picture of you and your family.

Now that I can do! This picture is of us at our 2010 vacation to Myrtle Beach, SC. We go every year with Andy's Grandmother, Parents, Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins. Love it!

30 Days-Day 12

How you found out about Blogger and why you made one.

A friend told me about it. I figured that I was on every other social network, so why not this one too. Unfortunately, I don't post a blog as often as I should, and I probably don't blog the best, but it's been nice to create something. I would much rather write in my journal though. It will be nice in years to come for London to be able to look back at this and see what I have wrote about her over the years.

30 Days-Day 11

Another picture of you and your friends.

Seriously?! Didn't I just SKIP this one?

30 Days-Day 10

Songs you listen to when you are Happy, Sad, Bored, Hyped, Mad

Happy - 4th of July by Shooter Jennings
Sad - End of the Road by Boyz II Men
Bored - Anything! lol
Hyped - Phantom of the Opera by Andrew Lloyd Webber
Mad - Again, anything.

I'm music crazy! So I listen to all kinds of music, all the time. I'm always listening to something, and it doesn't really have to be a happy, sad, or mad time. lol

Thursday, October 7, 2010

30 Days-Day 9

Something you are proud of in the last few days.


I lost four pounds! lol Now, let's keep it off.

30 Days-Day 8

Short term goals for this month, and why.

This one is tough. Lately I haven't been setting goals for myself, and that's not a good thing. I really need to! So here goes!

Get off my bum and get my photography kicking in gear again!
I've been taking a hiatus since I had my daughter. I've really enjoyed the time with her, but now it's time to get deep into my photography again. I've been taking pictures here and there, but nothing concrete. And I haven't been applying myself as much as I can. This month is the perfect time for this goal, because Fall is my favorite time of year. Hopefully the changing trees will be a great motivator towards this goal.

Visit family more.
London is growing up so fast, and she's only seen her extended family a couple of times. She has met my grandparents once. And I can literally count the amount of times she has spent with my Dad on one hand! :-( It's sad really. Luckily, she sees Andy's parents and my Mom a lot, so she doesn't go without family. I plan to try to visit my Dad next week while Andy and I are on vacation. We are going to try to go visit his brother sometime next week too.

Weight loss!
This is a BIG ONE. I was doing Weight Watchers for a couple of years before I got pregnant with London. I lost BIG. But then I gained some of it back, and then got pregnant, and then, and then, and then...But I need to get my hiney in gear and start the process again! I'm determined that I am going to be able to play with my daughter and not feel restricted because of my weight.

Get on it! Stop procrastinating! Get to work on time....ALWAYS. No one and two minute lates anymore! Get up on time. Start hearing the alarm clock again. I could go on and on with this one. But I won't. I just need to figure out better how to balance being a mommy with being a career woman...and I am determined to do it!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

30 Days-Day 7

A picture of someone/something that has the biggest impact on you.

That's easy!

My little London Paige has made the BIGGEST impact on my life. It took me SO long to get her! I waited, and waited, and waited. ha ha I love her with everything in me. And the love in her eyes when she looks at me, melts my heart! I don't know that I remember life without her! And I never want to know what that feels like again. :-) If I get to look back on my life and pick one thing that I've done right, it's her, through and through.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

30 Days-Day 6

Favorite super hero, and why.

Batman...HOT, HOT, HOT...well, the actor anyway. ha ha I think I've enjoyed the looks on almost all of the batmans. :-)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

30 Days-Day 5

A picture of somewhere you've been to.

Fripp Island, South Carolina. One of my favorite vacations. We stayed on a gated island, and I enjoyed every minute of it. Lost five pounds that week too! lol Andy's family takes a vacation every year...there is about 30 of us! And every year we grow bigger with the new little additions. I snapped this butterfly in front of one of our beach houses. I love the way the colors are brought out, and the butterfly is mid-air. It's one of my favorites!

Friday, October 1, 2010

30 Days-Day 4

A habit that you wish you didn't have.

If I had to pick just one, I would say, procrastination! I used to never procrastinate...now I do it all the time! It makes me late for everything, and I HATE being late. Punctual is my favorite thing to be, and I miss it these days! Everyone tells me to get used to it, it's because I now have a little one, but I REFUSE to get used to it! I WILL get back on track! ha ha I'll step off my soapbox now...