Thursday, August 11, 2011

Before I Was Mommy

Before I was a mommy, I slept in most every weekend morning. Now I get up early just to see my beautiful girl's smiling face.

Before I was a mommy, I didn't have to plan being away from home, and arranging for care for my daughter. Now I don't want to go out because it's less time I get to spend with her.

Before I was a mommy, I went shopping for myself. Now I go shopping to see what cute new clothes came out that I can style her in.

Before I was a mommy, my car was always clean. Now I find a blanket, a shoe, a toy, in the backseat and it brings a smile to my face.

Before I was a mommy, I could sit on the couch and watch great movies alone. Now I have a cute little companion every time.

Before I was a mommy, I held everyone's babies and wished for my own. Now, everyone holds my baby, and I take her home. :-)

Before I was a mommy, I was on time to work everyday. Now I find myself lingering to hear one last little coo, getting just one more kiss, and enjoying one more hug.

Before I was a mommy, life was incomplete. I was blessed with this beautiful little girl and she changed my life for the better, forever. She is the light in my eye. The reason I rush home from work. The smile in the middle of the night when she wakes me cooing. The laughter from the back seat when she's finally grabbed her toy again. The giggles as she is tickled. I couldn't ask for anything better. <3