Wednesday, June 24, 2009


So, I'm connected to almost every other social networking website, I figured why not creat a blog too?! I do not usually do well with blogs, because I just don't do them! But there are always more stories that I want to tell about my pictures, so I thought I would creat a blog to display and elaborate on them.

A little about me...I'm Waynesa. I'm 28 years old and live in Nelson County, Virginia. I work full time for nTelos in Waynesboro. I also own my own photography company. You can visit us here, or here, or find us on Facebook! I love to take nature photos, and I also do portraits. I've began to venture into the wedding photos, but I only do those as an "amature" since I don't have a lot of equipment or an assistant. I also babysit for my best friend at nights. While the three boys wear me out, I love them! I own two miniature Dachsunds, Bandit and Karlyee. I'm dating a wonderful man, for seven years! There is lots more to me, but I'll save that for later! =-)

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