Monday, January 11, 2010

This is the Week!!! (Hopefully!)

Hopefully, this is the week! We have a doctor's appointment at 9:30am on Thursday. It's our anatomy scan!!! I've waited SO very long for it! I'll be 23 weeks by then! UGH! So, on Thursday, we will see our little one. Really, it will be for the first time, since the first ultrasound was at 6 weeks, and there was only a little dot then. We will get to make sure the baby is healthy. So far so good, but this is the "BIG one". We have no reason to believe the baby isn't healthy, but you never know. We will also hopefully find out the gender on Thursday too! I so hope the baby cooperates! It is Andy's child, after all. ;-) I want a girl, super badly, but I will be over the moon if it's a boy too. I just want a healthy child, over all. I hear that little boys are closer to their momma's, so Andy will have the disadvantage there. he he But, either way, I will be very proud to be called mommy by a boy or a girl. :-)

Wedding planning, 101! Yikes! Our wedding is 9 months away, and already I am feeling the pressure. I don't want an expensive wedding, yet I would like it to be nice. But finding venues, DJ's, caterers and such is hard work! I am very nervous about my dress, since I do not plan to even try one on until after little Drewry gets here. That will be probably in June or July, which will give me only 3 or 4 months to get everything straight and settled. Ick!!!! It's really very scary. I've always figured I would have at least a year, to a year and a half to plan my wedding. Now I'm trying to pull it off in 9 months! What am I thinking? Oh yeah, there's this man, that is so wonderful, and I can't wait to marry him!!!! <3

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