Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What's in A Name?

We have finally picked a first name for our little girl. London. :-) I LOVE it! We have no meaning behind it (like family name, location we've been) or anything like that. We just like it. I think it's a beautiful name. And I'm glad that Andy agreed to something that will not be SO popular. I really wanted a name that, when called in school, 13 girls wouldn't answer. ha ha So, I got that. And it's very pretty. I can't wait to meet her!!!

Now, on to the middle name. We have NO IDEA. lol It will come to us. We have time. I just wanted that first name, so that I could call her something. It's so strange to call Andy and tell him that we got this for London today, and that for London today. It still feels so weird to say it outloud. But I enjoy it, that's for sure.

London is definitely going to have to hold her own. She's going to be surrounded by BOYS! ha ha My brother has three boys. I babysit three boys. My cousin that's due in March is having a boy. My friend that's due in March is having a boy. My sister-in-law that's due in July is having a boy too! Poor little girl! At least their will be one girl cousin for her on Andy's side of the family that's her age. lol My brother does have two girls too, but they are older than London. She's definitely going to have to learn to not take any crap off the boys. But, she's a Crawford, I'm sure she'll have NO problem. lol

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