Wednesday, July 15, 2009

RJ & Crystal

I went on a photo shoot this weekend with my nephew RJ and his girlfriend Crystal. These two were SO sappy! ha ha Ahhh, young love. I've posted a few of my shots here (I took about 180!). Of course, in order to get most of the shots, I had to get them to quit kissing all the time! :-) They were fun to hang out and work with, and I think they really like their photos.

The "Un-Sexy" umbrella, as my nephew calls it. He was upset because it had a yellow stripe down the back of it. I loved it! I think the stripe brought some character to this frame.

I love this shot! The look on their faces! They were a little confused at first about how to compose themselves, but t hey got it.

This is the first photo of the day. Too bad the Blue Ridge Parkway was hazy. This picture was taken at the Raven's Roost overlook. It's also one of my favorite spots for pictures. Great session guys!!

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