Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The 4th of July

Ahhhhh, celebrations! I love this time of year. Spending time with friends and family. Watching fireworks. Stuffing yourself silly. Who could ask for more?! The picture above is from fireworks that we set off Sunday night. I do not usually take pictures of fireworks, because, let's face it, I'm not good at it! But this one turned out really neat.

How was my fourth? Great! I was involved in a family yard sale Friday and Saturday. Then I headed off to a cookout with friends on Saturday night, only to cut the evening short because my nephew had to go to the Emergency Room for a fall! He's doing alright, by the way. Sunday it rained. What a perfect ending to a great weekend! The rain was very relaxing, and we didn't do much of anything all day! We did set off fireworks Sunday night. Loved it!

Back to the daily grind this week. Only three more weeks until I'm on vacation! Yipee!!

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